Sunday, April 5, 2009

Zombies on your street

Zombieville, USA

Okay, so I've done some tower defense, I've done a sim game, and I've done a puzzler. Now here's a shooter. No, it's not a first person shooter or a flight simulator. Just a side-scroller featuring a tough guy with a gun. Or rather a few of them.

The story, if you can call it that, is that this suburb becomes invaded by zombies, and this guy with a very square chin is seemingly the last one standing. Armed with a pistol and a killer instinct, he goes out on the streets to shoot him some zombies.

Gameplay is very simple. Your guy can move left, move right, and shoot his gun. Movement is achieved by touching the right arrow or left arrow shown on screen with the appropriate thumb while the other thumb presses anywhere else on the screen to fire the gun. Along the street you encounter three different kinds of zombies: standard green zombies, fast-moving (but weak) gray zombies, and slow but very strong dark green zombies. You earn money by killing them, and the amount you earn as well as the difficulty increases each level. The levels contain neighborhood houses which you touch in order to enter. Some contain money, and others contain ammo, and all can be used to temporarily elude enemies.

After each level you arrive at a shack that sells new guns or upgrades to existing ones. The shack also sells health packs that fully replenish your health meter, but you want to play well enough so that you can survive to save up your money to spend on the more worthwhile weapon upgrades.

The weapons include a pistol, a shotgun, an explosives launcher, a gatling gun, and a freaking awesome gun (my words, not theirs). Each weapon can be upgraded a maximum of 4 times, each costing a larger amount of money and making the weapon more powerful. An upgraded pistol simply does more damage, whereas an upgraded shotgun becomes an automatic shotgun where you can hold your finger down on the screen rather than tapping repeatedly. The explosives launcher starts off launching grenades, which do a lot of damage but the range is limited - it won't hit any zombies if the zombies are too close to you or too far away. Higher levels give you rockets, which have a better range. The gatling gun is self-explanatory - hold your finger on the screen and it empties rounds and rounds of lead into oncoming zombies.

And finally, the freaking awesome gun. It starts out as a chainsaw. Yes, that requires you let the enemy get really close before you attack, but it does a ton of damage. When you upgrade it, however, it becomes a flamethrower (awesome), and another upgrade turns it into a blue beam gun that utterly demolishes anything in your way.

Zombieville USA is very simple, yet very entertaining, and any scrolling shooter or zombie fan will love this one.

Full version is $1.99 and there is also a free lite version.