Sunday, January 11, 2009

Josh Shipp Quotes

Posted by special request, immortal quotes by the indomitable Josh Shipp.

"I'll be here," Shipp said. "I have another year of basketball. Why wouldn't I want to play at UCLA? I'm here at UCLA, it's a great place, and I enjoy my time here. I definitely would love to stay here."
-regarding the NBA

"That's fine. If I were a Michigan fan, I would've booed me too."
-After capping off a demolishing of Michigan with a fancy 360 dunk.

"I enjoy watching teams get knocked off. Hopefully it wouldn't happen to us"
-Regarding watching NCAA tourney games

"I eat some of them," he said with a laugh. "I'll tell them to go buy some chocolate to put on it."
-regarding the bananas he needed for his potassium deficiency.

"Really, I think the main thing is just getting back to having fun out there. I think in that one stretch I was just thinking too much and not having fun."
-after coming out of a slump

"We always hate SC, no matter who's playing."
-regarding OJ Mayo's arrival at $outh Central

"It's ridiculous and just crazy," Shipp said. "I'm shooting the ball the same way I did at the start of the year. I was hitting those 3s back then and nobody was giving me advice. Now, all of sudden, you miss a few and everybody wants to tell you how to shoot. They're writing me letters ... everything is just crazy."
-during his slump

"It's just a slump," Shipp said. "I know I can shoot the ball -- it's just not going in for me. I'm kind of laughing at the situation. It gets kind of funny."

"I like it. It's something different. (smiling) I mean, it doesn't matter, I just play. I don't really look at the jersey. The fans do."
-on the gold "C" on the jerseys last year

"Lucky I play H-O-R-S-E," Shipp said, referring to the can-you-top-this driveway game. "It was definitely a desperation shot. I've never seen anything like that. It's one of those movie shots, it was like a dream."
-on his miracle shot vs Cal to win the game last year

"If the chick don't like me, she must like girls"
-Josh's facebook page

"That's okay, he's not doing too well."
-regarding former Arizona player Marcus Williams mouthing off about how UCLA is "overrated"