Sunday, November 16, 2008

Testing LifeCast

So I got this app for my iPod touch called LifeCast. Apparently it lets me post entries to my blog on the go. Well, at least it lets me do so without using my computer. I'm not really "on the go" because there's no freaking wifi anywhere except my house darnit. Anyway, just wanted to try out this app and see how well it works.

So apparently I'm not allowed to make edits via LifeCast but oh well. Maybe they'll add it into a future version. One good thing I just realized though is that even though I need to wait for a wifi signal to upload an entry, I don't necessarily need a connection to create an entry. So I can write it whenever it feel like it and then upload it later. This is provided that LifeCast even runs without a connection. I'll test that out now.

Posted with LifeCast