Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quantum Of Solace

I'll be honest. I went to see 007: Quantum of Solace opening night in the US primarily to see the brand-new trailer for May 2009's "Star Trek XI" that the Internets promised us. As the last of the trailers rolled by (Will Smith's "Seven Pounds") I thought "what the hell, man?" That's right. No Trek trailer.

Sigh. Well, at least I'd be entertained for the next couple hours. Or would I? Now, since I hadn't read any reviews of QoS I didn't know what to expect besides the customary Bond action scenes. If that was all I cared about I think I would have enjoyed the movie a lot more than I did. As it was, the story was a bit hard to follow(or was I overthinking it?) and Bond's motivations seemed a bit cloudy when they should have been quite clear.

I did like the pacing of the movie, despite being unsure why certain people were doing what they were doing at times. I also liked the gratuitous use of large touch-screen computers and Bond's networked digital camera.

Overall there were some good bond moments but I wouldn't say it's as good as Casino Royale. Olga Kurylenko as the main Bond girl was pretty good but the English girl was pretty forgettable.

Watch it if you're looking for some decent escapist fare but if you want a dramatic story that chronicles a man's quest for vengeance, which is what QoS is billed as, you might be better off reading Moby Dick.

I mean, seriously, where did they misplace the Star Trek trailer?

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