Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cartoon Wars - Early Impressions

I came across this game called Cartoon Wars when looking for new iPod touch games to play. It's a "castle defense" game with a hand-drawn stick figure style to it. You start out with your castle, which has a giant crossbow attached to it, and the ability to train warriors, your basic fighting units. The opposing castle is at the opposite end of the screen, which you can view by scrolling with your finger. As you defeat the constant stream of enemies emerging from the other castle you earn gold, which you can spend on upgrades to your Warriors or to obtain the ability to train different, more powerful (but more expensive) units. Gold can also be spent to upgrade your castle or improve the artillery.

I haven't gotten very far in this game, and the goal of destroying the opposing castle seems tougher than I'd like it, considering how weak your warriors start out and how strong their attackers are. The best I've achieved is a stalemate. Apparently you reach the next level each time you destroy the opponent's castle, and the game saves itself. I haven't gotten that far, so I've had to start over from the beginning each time I've played it.

Cartoon Wars is a great concept, but the controls for aiming the crossbow are a bit laggy and the lack of a Save feature in the middle of the level is quite annoying. Nevertheless, you may have more luck (or skill) with this game than I, so at $0.99 if you're interested, I'd say go for it. There's also a free Lite version available, and a followup called Cartoon Wars Gunner, which seems to be a totally different type of game.