Saturday, October 25, 2008

Check this out, part 7

Ever try to get to a website and it's just not working? Well, I'm not sure what other people do in this situation, but the first thing I do is try to load it in a different browser. My main browser is Safari, so I try Firefox, then Camino, then Shiira. That basically eliminates the idea that it's Safari's fault.

By this time, I know that there's a problem with my router, modem, or ISP, or that the site is just down. So the next thing I do is go on AIM and ask a random friend if said site is down for him or her as well.

Well, what if all my friends are Away or just not online, as they so often are during this hour (9:30 Saturday morning)?

Enter "Down for everyone or just me?". Going to this website presents you with a simple, efficient box into which you type a website's address, press Return, and it will tell you whether the site is actually down (in which case you can stop wasting your time), or if it's "Just you," implying that there's some steps you can take to getting the site to work for you. Neat, huh?

Out of curiosity, and probably boredom as well, I typed in the site's own address into the box and pressed return. Nice touch. Heh heh.

Check it out!