Monday, August 4, 2008

Facebook importing

When I first started this blog, I originally intended for it to be a real replacement for Facebook Notes. But limiting myself to Blogger gives me fewer readers. True, this blog is first and foremost for myself, but I also want it to be available to anyone else interested in reading. Most people I know don't check personal blogs very often, but they do check Facebook. I probably made an error i thinking that anyone who was interested in reading my blog would actually spend the time to visit on their own. But everyone goes on facebook and no one goes here. Or maybe they do, but without leaving comments I have no idea, and there are no site statistics on this thing.

So from now on, all posts I make here on my blog will automatically be imported to Facebook as notes, in order for those who aren't good about following links to anything besides Facebook to see what I write.

Edit: By the way, the animated GIF in the previous post will not animate on Facebook.. unless you click on the GIF to load it in a new window. Just one advantage of viewing it in its original state.